About Us

This is who we are


Soft-Thread Solutions is an information communication technology company which offers a range of services which include business process consulting, IT infrastructure, Digital marketing, Web Designing, Outsourcing, and Training and Development.

At Soft-Thread Solutions, we leverage our industry-wide experience, deep technology expertise, comprehensive portfolio of accommodations and vertically aligned business model in order to help our customers do business better. Our dedicated team enables us harness the latest technology for distributing business capability to our clients.

Our experts join forces with clients to compose a more cohesive team, resulting in greater efficiency, all part of what we call the Collaborative Business Experience.  This approach to business shows in every interaction and has helped in forging more valuable relationships.

Our Vision and Mission

At Soft-Thread Solutions, we live and breathe the philosophy that people matter and results count.

Our Vision:

To become world-renowned technology experts through the creation of an extensive technology hub across the world.

Our Mission:

To transform organizations and elevate business performance through collaboration, creation and the delivery of business and technology solutions tailored to clients’ needs. In this way, our clients are empowered to respond more vigorously and intuitively to transforming business and technological advancements.

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